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Current Vacancies

Trading Assistant Apprentice with M&G plc

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Customer Experience & Improvement Apprentice with M&G plc

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Sales Support Executive Apprentice with M&G plc

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Junior Fund Management Assistant Apprentice with M&G plc

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Business Solutions Apprentice with M&G plc

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Regulatory Change Apprentice with M&G plc

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Technology Adoption Support Apprentice with M&G plc

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Technical Valuations Analyst Apprentice with M&G plc

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Change Analyst Apprentice with M&G plc

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Data Analyst Apprentice with M&G plc

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Why choose an M&G apprenticeship?

We’re a leading savings and investments business, managing investments for both individuals and for large institutional investors, such as pension funds, around the world.

We have a single corporate identity, M&G plc, and two customer-facing brands; Prudential for savings and insurance customers in the UK and Europe and for asset management in South Africa; and M&G Investments for asset management clients globally. With roots stretching back more than 170 years, we have a long history of finding innovative solutions for our customers’ changing needs. Today, we bring together our diverse set of asset management capabilities and our insurance expertise to offer a wide range of solutions for different types of customer in 28 markets around the world.

We are proud to have been serving individual savers since 1848 and our purpose remains the same today: to help millions of people to manage and grow their savings so that they can live the life they want.

We appreciate that deciding on your career path is an important and challenging decision, but it’s also an exciting one. Our apprenticeship programmes offer you the chance to gain practical work experience and build core business skills alongside your professional development. You’ll be supported to achieve professional or vocational qualifications and accreditations, such as diplomas (and degrees in some instances), while earning a competitive salary.

In joining M&G, you’ll be part of our inclusive and collaborative team. You’ll work alongside and learn from exceptional colleagues from a range of backgrounds. Our diverse employee networks and communities will help you to develop new connections and build friendships for your career ahead. It doesn’t matter what you’ve studied before – we’re looking for people who demonstrate energy and determination and who are excited to work in a fast-moving workplace.

We offer a range of apprenticeship programmes available in our London, Striling and Edinburgh offices so explore the current vacancies or visit our career site for more information global.mandg.com/careers/graduates-interns-and-apprentices

Join our apprenticeship programme, be inspired to learn, earn and build an exceptional future with us.

Application Process

We understand how busy you are and when you are studying or working the last thing you need is a complicated application process. The M&G plc application process is simple and enables you to show us your potential. To ensure that you are prepared, we recommend that you explore the information provided in this section, and the associated pdf documents. This should provide you with useful hints and tips on what to expect and how to prepare for the journey ahead.

Our application process is designed not only for us to understand more about you, but also to give you an insight into what life is like at M&G plc.

Please note that BPP Recruitment Team act on behalf of M&G plc and will manage all candidate communication and support throughout the process. Please refer to ‘Contact Us’ for more information

1 Online application and CV

Tell us about your background, skills, experience and interests


2 Telephone interview

Demonstrate your communication skills, career motivation and basic company research


3 Online Psychometric Test

Demonstrate your personality, motivation, ability and fitness for the role.


4 Online Video Interview

One-way, recorded video to find out more about you as an individual, your interests, skills and motivation.


5 Assessment Centre Day

Face to face interview with the hiring manager and group/team exercise.

Is M&G Plc Right For Me?

During the recruitment process, we want to understand if your values and behaviours are aligned with those required for success at M&G plc. Find more information about our values and behaviours here:

We want to know why you want to join us and that you have thought carefully about your chosen programme and location.

Are you:

  • Passionate about working for M&G plc?
  • Clear on why you have applied for the role, and how your strengths align to the role?
  • Fully aware of the apprenticeship qualifications you will be studying for whilst working?

To make a positive lasting impression with colleagues and customers, you must be able to communicate effectively and professionally.

Are you:

  • Able to use clear verbal and written communication styles to accurately deliver your message?
  • Someone who leaves an impact by communicating knowledgably, ensuring your message is clearly understood?

Technology is changing how we work, and it is important that we embrace new technologies and are motivated to know about the latest disrupters.

Are you:

  • Curious about the changes and opportunities that new technology brings, and eager to implement these in your work?

As we’re building the savings and investment business of the future, we need your skills, talent, and energy. Exceptional people, like you, placed across every area of our business help us become the best loved and most successful savings business.

Here’s what we look for:

  • People who enjoy working at pace and are comfortable with uncertainty
  • Quick adapters, who really care about raising the bar for our customers and clients
  • Colleagues who question and challenge the ordinary, wherever they work across our business
  • People who are confident making decisions, and who work hard to see projects/changes completed.

We create a stimulating environment that pushes you to be exceptional everyday – providing opportunities for you to be involved in meaningful work and encouraging you to stretch and challenge what you’re capable of.

Are you:

  • Willing and able to strive and push yourself to achieve your full potential?
  • Able to learn from your mistakes, grasping new things quickly and applying learning with immediate effect?

We know that exceptional people are eager to keep learning and improving. We’re here to support your career aspirations by creating an environment where you can achieve, learn from those around you and build your experience with people who want you to succeed.

Are you:

  • Inquisitive, constantly seeking out new information and feedback, always striving to improve and develop?

Our success is your success. We have created a two-way culture where we always ask you what you think, listen and recognise the important contribution you make. Are you:

  • Proactive in giving your input on how we can do something differently and how we can add value to what we already do in our day-to-day work?
  • Being accountable for the work that you do and your own development that will enable you to accomplish and achieve high quality results?

Inspiring apprentices’ stories

Being an apprentice at M&G plc

Mark Torrado, Heather Murray, Ryan West and Megan Rennie share their experience of the M&G plc apprentice scheme and what it's like to work for M&G plc.

Meet Anika

Anika joined M&G as a Compliance apprentice in our London office. Learn more about her experience on her apprenticeship journey.

I can see myself having a long, happy career here” – Anika Hussain, As an apprentice at M&G, I am proud to say that my experience has been incredibly positive and will shape my future in a way that I never expected. From my team to my mentors, sponsors and fellow apprentices, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a brilliant network that has supported me in achieving my potential. The culture, the environment, and the people I work alongside have allowed me to grow as an individual, and I can see myself having a long, happy career here.

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